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YouTube, Vimeo & Other Video Streaming

From healthy recipes, to budget-friendly shopping, even ideas about how to make fast food healthier, watch these videos!

  • Lights, camera, action! Let’s move Pittsburgh partnered with Wilkinsburg High School students and the Youth Media Advocacy Project to make a healthy cooking show. Check it out
  • Registered dietitians share recipes and health tips on these Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics videos
  • ChoosehealthLA shares ways to reduce sugar, salt and eat smaller portions at restaurants. 
  • ChopChop Magazine asks kid to teach kids about cooking skills in the kitchen! 

Logo from the MyPlate MyWins campaign with real
families and healthy eating tips.
  • MyPlate MyWins shares videos and tips of real families working together to eat healthfully. 
  • MyPlate videos give healthy eats and explore neighborhoods on the move. 
  • MyPlate’s Fruit and Vegetable videos show ways people fit in healthy foods! 
  • Eat Smart, Move More NC made a video series that helps you pick the healthiest options in the grocery store, Aisle-by-Aisle! 
  • Kids Eat Right’s YouTube streams registered dietitians nutritionists talk about delicious recipes. 
  • Sharing anything from kids rapping about drinking water to ways fresh fruits and vegetables move across the nation, The Partnership for a Healthier America’s Youtube stream talks about all kinds of healthy initiatives! 

Video still of a 1 minute video about canned fruit and vegetable
recipes, developed by Fruits & Veggies More Matters
  • Find out how to use fresh, canned, dried, frozen fruits and vegetables from Fruits and Vegetables, More Matters YouTube stream
  • Penn State Extension Nutrition LInks brings storing, prepping, cooking and clean eating tips in videos for hard-to-use Pennsylvania produce!

Beet video still of a Penn State Cooperative Extension 
Nutrition LInks

  • Share Our Strength provides videos about shopping on a budget. 
  • The “How To” Channel from Iowa State University Extension walks through easy recipes and kitchen basics.  
  • brings us food safety information over videos, podcasts, and E-cards. 
  • Watch these healthy dinner recipe videos from Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center at Dallas. 
  • Figure out the nutrition label in this interactive tutorial from the Food and Drug Administration. 

Video still of "Whole Grains," one of US Department of Agriculture's
core nutrition messages found on YouTube.

*Picture from USDA Food and Nutrition Service
"DFR_Final_Cut.mp4," YouTube Video.