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Eating Out for Breakfast - The Healthy Way

►Healthier Fast Food

Sometimes Making Breakfast at Home isn’t Possible.

Create healthy breakfasts at your favorite fast-food restaurants. Just remake some foods on the menu. One bite, and you'll never look at healthy the same way again.

Try some of these calorie-saving ideas:

        egg sandwich

  • Eat half. Many fast-food restaurants and mini-marts serve only extra large sandwiches. Eat half of a full-sized bagel sandwich or a palm-sized wrap. 
  • Share or Save. Keep the other half of your breakfast for another meal. 
  • Choose Egg Whites. At a restaurant, choose egg whites to replace your eggs! Add lots of vegetables for flavor (like onions, peppers, or spinach).
  • Add Fruit. Bite into a side fruit with your breakfast order.
  • Load your Omelet with Vegetables. Pack it with vegetables. Pick 1-2 slices of toast over hash browns as a side.
  • reduced-fat cheese
  • eggs (or whites)
  • low-fat meat like turkey or ham
  • lots of colorful, flavorful vegetables
  • Build a Delicious, Healthy Wrap. Skip the extra cheese and bacon. Swap for:
    • egg, beans, onions and couple spoonfuls of salsa
    • lettuce instead of your tortilla
    • tofu
    • your favorite vegetables
  • Pick the Fruit & Yogurt Parfait (With or Without Granola). Choose:
    • the small size
    • A handful (1/4 cup) of granola or your favorite whole grain cereal
  • Try to keep the breakfast calorie count to 300-500. Calorie information is posted on most fast food menus and websites.
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