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7 Quick Tips for Family Meals

 Here are Some Quick Tips:

 Your kids will learn from watching you: Smile when you eat your fruits and vegetables, and your kids will too! You may not know it, but your child is looking at the foods you eat. Choose healthy, and they will eat like you!

Make time to talk: Dinner is time for everyone to talk—a chance to chat positively, yet honestly—even if you don’t have all the answers!

Have technology-free time: Silence your cell phones. Turn off your computer and TV. Most people spend a big part of their day watching TV, playing video games, using a computer or cell phone. Why not share a meal and a nice conversation?

Make mealtime a family experience: Cooking family favorites, sharing a meal, food shopping with the family, or cleaning up dishes are a part of mealtime. Everyone can help!

Give kids the chance to choose: Let them decide on what vegetable to include with meals at times. They will want to eat the foods they picked.

Make the healthy choice, the easy choice: Have fruits and vegetables on hand for snacks. If you eat healthier as a family, it teaches everyone to choose and prepare better foods during dinner and beyond.

Enjoy each other while enjoying meals: Eating meals together helps to improve connections with one another.

Download a printable pdf version of this webpage, along with reasons why eating together is important.

     The information on this website is based on research from the “Family Meals Annotated Bibliography.”
     For another resource regarding family meal benefits, check out Purdue University's "SUCCESS Fact Sheet."
      *Please note: All generalizations on this website are based on factors being related to each other, not that one factor caused