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Find Healthy, Prepackaged Breakfast Foods

Eating a Prepackaged Breakfast

Eating prepackaged breakfast can be inexpensive, healthy, fast and delicious.

Use these tips below to stay on track. . .

Locate the Nutrition Fact Panel.

                        nutrition label        

Look at the “servings per container" found on top. Usually, the Nutrition Facts Panel displays the information for 1 SERVING. However, there are usually more than one servings per container, so try to be realistic with how many servings you eat.

  • CALORIES: Keep calories down to 300-500 for your breakfast.
  • FAT: Try to keep fat to a range of 7-20 g.
  • SODIUM: Keep sodium down to 300-700 mg.
  • INGREDIENTS: Fewer ingredients is best.
  • LIMIT TRANS FATS: On the back of the package, look to the ingredients list. If you see the word “hydrogenated” or "partially-hydrogenated," then there are trans-fats in the package which can increase your risk of getting heart disease. They are found in baked goods, fried and other packaged foods. Here is more information on trans fats.
  • COMPARE: Compare the amount of fat, sodium, calories, and other nutrients in similar packaged items. This can help you choose foods that have less of these ingredients, and more vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
  • REMEMBER that you don't have to perfectly match these recommendations; just do your best!
  • LEARN MORE about how to read the Nutrition Facts Panel for your entire family by watching these brief videos or using one of these resources.