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Cooking Terms

  • Al Dente:  Italian; to describe pasta that is cooked until it offers aslight resistance to the bite.
  • Baste:  Foods moistened during cooking by pan drippings or by sauce for flavor, and to prevent drying.
  • Broil:  To cook on a grill under strong, direct heat.
  • Cored:  With the stem and hard center part removed.
  • Diced:  Cut up into cubes or squares about the size of dice.
  • Fillet:  To remove the bones from meat or fish. A fillet (or filet) is the piece after it has been boned.
  • Minced:  Finely chopped.
  • A Pinch:  Small amount you can pinch between your finger and thumb.
  • Pitted or Seeded:  With the pits or seeds removed.
  • Sauté:  To cook something gently in a little oil.
  • Simmer:  To cook at a very gentle boil.
  • To Taste:  Taste it to see whether you want to add more or less of an ingredient.
  • Toss:  To mix together lightly.

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