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Eat Together Stories

Eating with others could be time to de-stress, catch up with those we love or remember the ones we lost, talk baseball or what's on TV, even touch on politics. Wherever the conversation leads, one thing is for sure: foods, friends, and family bring meaning and joy. Below, Pennsylvanians share their mealtime stories and how they impacted their lives. 

Grandma's chicken pot pie brings everyone to their knees, or at least to the table. Hear it first hand. 

Holiday feasts bring warm memories, stuffing and green beans, mashed potatoes, salads and desserts. Tune in here

Everyone raves about these Sunday meals! Lend an ear.

Julia's Russian Grandma stuffed cabbage rolls for the family. Catch her story to find out more! 

Claire cooks up a holiday staple - her grandma's Yorkshire pudding. Listen to her story. 

José grew up on rice pudding. Get it from him.

Briana bakes her mom's brownies that give you exactly what you're looking for: fudgy, chewy, sweetness. Pick up on what's she's talking about. 

Contact us, if you're interested in sharing your stories! 

Audio recordings captured by Drexel student, Emily Lim and Messiah Dietetic Interns, Amanda Rempel and Bailey Corbin-Marrah
Music created by Suzi Brown Productions

All content reviewed by Amanda Frankeny, RDN, LDN