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Fresh Food to Frozen


  • Buy extra when it’s on sale!
    • If you make sure the cheese is bagged or wrapped well, you can freeze it in the
      original, unopened package.

    Variation: Shredded Cheese

    • Add a tablespoon or so of cornstarch or flour to the bag before freezing.
    • Shake it. This will stop it from clumping when it thaws.
    • Place cheese in a freezer-safe bag.
    • Squeeze any air out of the bag before freezing.

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    Corn on the Cob

    • When it’s on sale, stock up!
    • Put the raw ears of corn, without removing the outer silk or husk, in the freezer.
    • When it’s time to eat, thaw it in the fridge
    • Take off the outer husk.
    • Put it in the microwave, and cook for 5 minutes for two ears or 4 minutes for one ear.

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    • Double wrap the original package with plastic wrap and foil, before putting it in the freezer.

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    • Cut whole fruit into bite-sized pieces. Freezing fruit like this lets you grab a
      couple pieces at one time.
    • Spread fruit onto a cookie sheet or any flat container. The pieces should not
      be touching one another.
    • Place the container in the freezer.
    • Once frozen, you can place the pieces into a smaller bag for more freezer space.

    Variation:  Bananas

    • For baking, save your bananas. Check out our healthy additions page, here to find some baking ideas.
    • Freeze ripe or overripe, whole bananas, skin on.
    • When you need them, microwave or thaw them on the counter.
    • Cut off the top and squeeze out the banana inside.

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    Milk or Buttermilk

      • Plastic milk jugs have indents on the side. This helps for freezing because
        the milk has room to get bigger! Freeze it in its original container.
      • When you want to use it, let it thaw in the fridge.
      • Shake well to mix in the solids.

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      • Before you freeze nuts, take off any shells.
      • Spread them thin on a plate for 24 hours of drying. Now, they’re ready to freeze.
      • Double bag the nuts, and pop them into the freezer.
      • Keep frozen nuts for up to 6 months. Salted or seasoned ones last
        only for 3 to 4 months.

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      Red Sauces

         (made without mayonnaise, yogurt or sour cream)

        • Place sauce in a plastic, freezer-safe container or bag. Leave some room in the
          container. Sauces get bigger as they cool.
        • Close the container and freeze.
        • Let the sauce thaw in the fridge or microwave.

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        • Cut raw, fresh onions, chili peppers, or bell peppers into bite-size pieces.
        • Place them into a freezer bag.
        • Squeeze out the air, and freeze.

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        The US Department of Agriculture created an app for more storage tips here