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Health Apps for the Family

Free Nutrition Games & Apps for Parents

Whether you are a parent, a caregiver or a nutrition educator, you can find the top free food and nutrition games and apps on this page. 

Online Tools


  • Discover how much you can eat, track your diet and exercise, and learn the basics of living healthier by using MyPlate’s Tools
  • Food portion sizes grew over the past 20 years! Test whether you notice these changes by answering the Portion IQ questions. Scroll through the quiz on these slides and these too! More can be found on this website created the Department of Health and Human Services, The National Institute of Health and the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute.
  • From reading the food label to meal planning, Nourish Interactive has everything on their their Healthy Family Tools webpage. 

iPhone Apps:

Need recipe ideas?

Tips for safe food storage:

Get the most for your money with the FoodKeeper App! It teaches you how to store food and drinks to keep them fresher for longer. It was made by the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service with Cornell University and the Food Marketing Institute.

Locate healthier kid choices when eating out:

Now you can use an App called “Kids Live Well.” for Apple iPhones. It ranks and shares healthy food choices for kids when eating out.

Safe eating:

This handy Food Safety iPhone App from Iowa State University touches on the right food temperatures for the safe eating.

Databases of Free Games & Apps:

Click on any of the links below to find lists of more food and nutrition web, phone apps, and games for families:

Healthy Games & Apps for Kids:

Interested in a list of FREE, healthy games and apps for kids? Click here.