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Health Games and Apps for Kids

The Newest Way to Teach Healthy!

Kids and adults can browse through multi-platform applications (apps), website games, and videos that can be played online or downloaded onto smart phones or other devices. They’re all listed here!

Apps for Kids:

  • Run through mazes, jump over road-blocks, and play with your iPod, iPad, or iPhone and the character on the screen will too! Try this app from the NFL Play 60! 
  • Create and manage the perfect park, and keep park visitors' food safe by playing
    "Perfect Picnic," an iPhone application from the Partnership for Food Safety Education! 
  • The New Mexico Cooperative Extension’s Learning Games Lab created the “4H Move-O-Matic” app which teaches kids and adults how the foods you eat fuel your body for everyday activities. 

Games for Kids:

  • The US Department of Agriculture developed the “Track and Field Fuel Up Challenge"
    in which you answer questions to win your track and field races. 
  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics lists online nutrition games for school age kids (Adults can play too!). 
  • New Mexico Cooperative Extension’s Learning Games Lab created “Ninja Kitchen.” Based on food safety skills, this game has many levels...every one more fun than the next! 
  • The "MyPlate Match Game” is from the Dairy Council of California, where kids learn what they should put on their plate and how much. 
  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a nutrition game page. It contains a list of games focused on nutrition,
    food safety, and more!
  • MyPlate developed “MyPlate Kids Place" which includes a list of games, activities, songs and more! 

For Teens and Young Adults:

  • See how much sugar is in your drink by playing this game from Penn State Cooperative Extension. 
  • How much physical activity is needed to keep your weight the same after eating a cheeseburger and fries? This game from Penn State Cooperative Extension will help you find out. 
  • Teens, you can take control of your diabetes with these simple tips and information 
    from this website is run by the University of Illinois Extension. Then, use these
    games and teaching sessions to practice counting your carbohydrates. 

For the Family:
Interested in a list of FREE healthy games and apps just right for you? Click here